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DIVA Financial offers a series of financial education programs which aim to make L.I.F.E. easier.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

The DIVA L.I.F.E.Programs

Our commitment to helping you reclaim control over L.I.F.E. – Love, Identity, Finances, Emotions – has inspired our focus on six areas in life which lay a foundation for a secure financial future. Our education programs are tailored around these six areas which direct you toward financial empowerment. Our programs respect your emotional journey through surviving and breaking free of domestic and financial abuse.

Lipstick Strategies for women in business or a partnership – giving you the right tools and resources at your disposal, to navigate through all legislative and mandatory duties you may not know or understand. We remove the concealer others use that do not often suit your future needs.

Results Achieved For DIVA Financial
Clients Have Included

  • Securing resolutions out of court stops partners from dragging out settlements over years.
  • Unraveling complex business arrangements to reveal mismanagement and expose the actual financial position.
  • Enabling clients to provide lawyers, mediators, accountants, and financial institutions a clear history of events and circumstances for an amicable outcome.
  • Stopping unjust evictions.
  • Educating clients about their rights and responsibilities and achieving solutions that defend those rights when defending their future.
  • Ensuring clients are aware of their obligations and responsibilities resulted in lawyers coming to a mediated resolve and avoiding court and costs.
  • We rekindled the relationship during the process of discovery and empowerment! All because the ex-partner understood the impact of his business.
  • We negotiated a facility that allowed the client to remain in her home regardless of her partner’s coercion and betrayal.
  • Organisations cannot monitor hundreds of staff, so we encourage women to be vigilant and prepared.
  • Providing a LIFE Blueprint designed and developed by them to best suit their futures.
  • We don’t give advice; we provide knowledge and freedom to choose and remain in control throughout the separation process.

How It Works

We start with the basics and gradually proceed to more technical and analytical details. Our teaching style is comprehensive and non-traditional that makes learning fun!

The Aim

Diva aims to provide the L.I.F.E Skills needed to create independence and choices. Understanding how to deal with the unknowns and remaining in control.

Proposal & Approvals

Further support and coaching is available to the groups. Understanding the meaning behind their signature, protecting your identity and financial future…not scary but eye-opening!

Future Reimagined

Educate yourself to eradicate potential coercion and remain in control of your future. Our workshops will equip you with the skills and confidence to make better decisions now and in the future.

Our Workshops

DIVA L.I.F.E. programs are tailored according to the requirements specific to your circumstances or the situation that you and a similar group of people have found themselves in. These are delivered face-to-face and online and individual or group workshops.

Our programs are hosted by DIVA Financial founder Melissa Cuturich. Most workshops are hosted over a half-day and can be arranged around your schedule. Our Mother-and-Daughter program is delivered over three 45-minute workshops.

Business Strategies Startup Toolkit

Find out how to set up a business and protect your financial foundation from the very beginning to the very end.

Melissa reveals the important fine print which is often ignored and how to protect your entitlements in every situation

DIVA L.I.F.E Blueprint

DIVA Financial explores life’s key drivers – Love, Identity, Finance and Emotion – to help you become more self-aware, challenge your inner critic and build a toolkit to live a L.I.F.E. of financial independence.

This is an uplifting and empowering workshop which will leave you with a different perspective on your own experience. We hope that you will be encouraged to love who YOU are and be who you want to be.

The participants will gain a new perspective on their life experiences through this uplifting and inspiring workshop. It will be all about loving who you are and becoming who you want to be!

Mother & Daughter Program

This program is designed to help girls, alongside their mothers, learn financial management skills. The program is delivered over 45-minute workshops for girls aged 13 and over, and their mums.

Melissa goes through the important steps to managing a bank account, understanding responsibilities and rights as an employee, managing superannuation and tax and understanding the responsibilities that come with signing official documents.

Tax Management To Stop You Needlessly Losing Money

Diva Financial will explain how to navigate the Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules and regulations and information provided. Navigating the ATO platform and APP. This workshop shows you common mistakes that lose people money and how to fix those mistakes. Staying in control and responsible – because you are regardless of what you may have been told.

You will leave this workshop with a new-found appreciation for filing taxes on time, the knowledge on how to maintain good credit scores and what to do to enjoy a trouble-free retirement life.

Diva's Divorce L.I.F.E. Blueprint

Our combined experience means you have 100 years of lived and professional knowledge when dealing with the unknowns of separation and rebuilding from Divorce.

We coach you throughout the journey; to grieve and understand loss and walk through all the compartments of LIFE with complete transparency and all the optional availed to you when providing information to conclude a financial split.

Decluttering the process of Divorce begins with unpacking Live

Costs For Our Workshops

While our clients are charged a fee for our workshops, we arrange our fees around each situation.
We offer a free, confidential and commitment-free first consultation where we seek to understand your whole situation first before making any suggestions about the next steps.

Please talk to us about our very flexible payment options.

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Get to know hundreds of Divas around you, standing strong, making huge progress and supporting their loved ones despite all odds. Hear their stories, share yours and get inspired!

What People Are Saying About DIVA


“Melissa Cuturich has been one of the wonders of my life. Melissa had the tolerance, time and knowledge of how to help me to help myself. Calmly she will offer you the tools to build confidence, accomplish your dreams and transform your existence, no matter how hard the situation may be.”

Paula Duncan, AM.

What People Are Saying About DIVA


“If you need Melissa’s help you may have become a non-believer in humanity and goodwill. Melissa has plenty of both. Melissa is familiar with the sometimes insurmountable odd we sometimes face and her guidance and resourcefulness allows you to tackle the first hurdles of getting back on your feet.” 


What People Are Saying About DIVA


“Melissa is good at her job. It was great dealing with a female who understood my situation. Her guidance through the process made a huge difference taking away the stress and giving me the confidence to speak out. I will recommend her.”


Your Safety is Our Priority

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