Advocacy and Coaching

Life is unpredictable and sometimes we can be misled and find ourselves waking up in someone else’s nightmare. Therefore we developed Divorce LIFE Blueprint and simplified the process to deal with the unknowns of Separation.

Support Through
Divorce and Separation

DIVA Financial supports women through the initial stages of divorce to navigate the financial, legal and insurance systems required to achieve financial independence.

How can DIVA Financial help manage disputes and advocate on our clients’ behalf ?
DIVA Financial is founded by Melissa Cuturich, a professional Disputes Handler and Business Consultant.

Diva’s Divorce L.I.F.E. Blueprint

The Diva team has collectively spent over 60 years negotiating financial, industry, and insurance systems to ensure their clients are properly represented to achieve better outcomes for their future, not a lawyer but a valuable coach that enables people to understand their human rights.

Diva has developed the Divorce L.I.F.E. (Love. Identity, Finances, Emotions) Blueprint, an approach to disputes management that balances your emotional needs with a practical and tenacious commitment to resolving your divorce as smoothly as possible.

Results Achieved For DIVA Financial

Results achieved for DIVA Financial clients have included:

  • Securing resolutions out of court which stops partners dragging out settlements over years
  • Unraveling complex business arrangements to reveal mismanagement and expose the true financial position
  • Showing lawyers, mediators, accountants and financial institutions where our clients’ rights have not been thoroughly considered
  • Stopping unjust evictions
  • Educating clients about their rights and responsibilities and achieve solutions that defend those rights.
  • Ensuring clients are aware of their obligations and responsibilities.
  • Organisations cannot monitor hundreds of staff, so we encourage women to be vigilant and prepared

Getting Help And Support Through Divorce And
The Family Court.

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial abuse, free and confidential advice is available as part of Diva’s social enterprise service with DIVA Financial.
If you’re in a crisis or struggling to make ends meet, find out how to get urgent help with money.

Got a Question?

Anything to do with finance is generally overwhelming and can be confusing. Life happens and we can find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Or, we can find ourselves facing adversity or hardship and can’t see a way through. Nothing surprises us and there isn’t much we haven’t dealt with, so send your inquiry or make time to talk to us.

How do I know where to start if I am overwhelmed with my situation?

It begins with a conversation similar to catching up with an old friend; one step at a time. Every story is unique but there is always a solution.

What can I do if I can't afford a Lawyer and need to deal with a debt that isn't mine?

Our fees are negotiated with you and depend on your circumstances, which means that your situation may involve a recourse action that entitles you to compensative resolve relating to Advocacy work. All divisions have set rates and packages to suit your needs.

We have a team of lawyers we work with, we are your support.

Do you deal with financial divisions relating to Divorce?

We definitely do! As women we provide experienced based knowledge on how to understand ‘split’ financial procedures. Preparing you for the unknowns you face.

Can you help me with Tax and when my partner has used my details?

Yes, confidential and practical guidance is provided in this situation. We will support you to clear up the matter and regain your identity. We are starting by removing the fear of talking to authorities to protect your assets.

Do you provide guidance about mortgages as well?

Yes, we do! We educate you about the best home loans, mortgages and the process of securing them. We also give credible refinancing advice to pay out your current home loan and take out a new loan through either your existing lender or through a different lender.

Join Our Community

Get to know hundreds of Divas around you, standing strong, making huge progress and supporting their loved ones despite all odds. Hear their stories, share yours and get inspired!

What People Are Saying About DIVA


“Melissa Cuturich has been one of the wonders of my life. Melissa had the tolerance, time and knowledge of how to help me to help myself. Calmly she will offer you the tools to build confidence, accomplish your dreams and transform your existence, no matter how hard the situation may be.”

Paula Duncan, AM.

What People Are Saying About DIVA


“If you need Melissa’s help you may have become a non-believer in humanity and goodwill. Melissa has plenty of both. Melissa is familiar with the sometimes insurmountable odd we sometimes face and her guidance and resourcefulness allows you to tackle the first hurdles of getting back on your feet.” 


What People Are Saying About DIVA


“Melissa is good at her job. It was great dealing with a female who understood my situation. Her guidance through the process made a huge difference taking away the stress and giving me the confidence to speak out. I will recommend her.”


Your Safety is Our Priority

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